Nvme ssd for librem mini v1


I’m thinking about to change my m.2 sata ssd to nvme ssd. Is there any suggested one for the Librem Mini v1? I’m thinking about buying the Samsung 970 Pro. Does anyone have any experience with it?

Thanks any help!

Samsung 970 Pro is a fast MLC which will last a long time but unless you are using the SSD as a cache or move alot of data (hundreds or even thousands of GB a day) this is an overkill. 970 Evo Plus (TLC) is really good and will probably last the same amount of time as 970 Pro would and it comes at 2/3’s of the price or less if you opt for higher capacity.
I would avoid Samsung 980 Pro (TLC) for now as Linux performance is not very good.

I’ve been using a generic Samsung one and had no issues. I did try originally with an Intel one but the mini didn’t like it, so I’d avoid Intel for this machine.

@zenyatta & @morgan

Thanks for the info! I’m using Qubes OS on the mini, and i thought the nvme is gonna be rewarded by the OS. I’ve been thinking about the Kingston a2000 too, as i’ve read it is not so bad, and it is not too hot. I’m gonna think aboit the Samsung 970 evo plus. Any thoughts on the kingston?

Samsung, Kingston, WD, etc. , they are all brands. what is more important is how new the chip/controller/firmware they use is and if it is supported in the mainline linux-libre-kernel if you want to run a 100% free-software GNU/Linux distribution on it (like PureOS)

one thing is for sure. if you WANT to have this support readily available then find a developer that accepts it (the SSD that you want support for) as a gift and if/when support is added you can install one yourself if you haven’t done so already.

the SSDs that Purism has visible in the store are guaranteed to work WELL and are supported for such distributions that use the Linux-libre-kernel.

you might get new hardware to work or something that is NOT in the Libre-kernel by going for distributions that support non-free drivers/firmware blobs as binary in the Linux-non-libre-kernel (aka the one Ubuntu and derivatives use) or you have to add that support manually.