O365 Exchange Email on Librem One phone?

I’m looking to buy a librem one however I need support for MS exchange, specifically O365 exchange. I currently use the flathub release of Evolution on my debian install but I’m wondering if the Librem One will be shipping with support for exchange mail, calendar and tasks? As without being able to access my email it kind of kills the reason for having a smartphone as it’s probably my most used app next to telegram (also does anyone know if this will be supported?)

Here is something for a Microsoft account, but I am not sure what that does: At 2 minutes 23 seconds into this video, there is an option for it: https://youtu.be/0tuLkga0dmY?t=2m23s For a while, a Microsoft account and an Office account were different things. I am not sure if this distinction applies to that option. The phone ships with GNOME for the desktop environment. Here are the online providers that it supports: https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/GnomeOnlineAccounts/Providers Microsoft Exchange is supported for mail, calendar, and contacts, but I am not sure if this feature made it on the phone.

I have used DavMail before, which is a proxy/gateway that converts Exchange into IMAP/POP, SMTP, Caldav, Carddav, and LDAP. Basically, you can use Thunderbird, or any standard e-mail client, to e-mail your coworkers. It also has contact lookup and calendar. Maybe it is fixed now, but meeting requests were sometimes buggy. For a limited time, the time zone or organizer got messed up. Although DavMail can be run as a service on a server, I always run it locally. This avoids the need for certificates for security.

If DavMail does not work, then I would wait for the phone to be in more people’s hands. I expect that this will be a common need. There is already a long order list for the phone, and it could get slightly longer or shorter, depending on how people react to new coverage about it and the carrier situation.

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