OCR software wanted

Do we have some OCR software to be installed on our L5?

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I installed gocr which does the job nice enough for me.

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You should check out Frog for simple tasks. It has an adaptive UI that works for mobile screen sizes.

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Thanks for the hint. Re/ UI, I prefer an usage as:

purism@pureos:~$ gocr 2024-06-01-131859_811x1265_scrot.jpg | more
purism@pureos:~$ gocr 2024-06-01-131859_811x1265_scrot.jpg > 2024-06-01-131859_811x1265_scrot.txt

If you can find an OCR that is 100% effective against digraphs like β€œfi” and β€œth”, let me know.


Has it been tested to work with L5 camera?

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I installed frog and frogdata. Running frog -t ai.png does not produce any useful output in 10 minutes of 100% CPS, while gocr ai.png with the same file gives in less than a second:

purism@pureos:~$ gocr ai.png
Thank you for the detailed responses. Based on your answers, here are some
potential options and steps to address the issue of low display brightness in
your 2023 Volvo V6O:

 1. Check for Adaptive Brightness Settings:

     _ Some Volvo models have adaptive brightness settings that adjust the
       display brightness based on the ambient light. Even if the ambient light
       sensor is not covered, it might be misinterpreting the light conditions.
       Check the settings to see i W ere's an option to disable adaptive

of the attached PNG file