Official Matrix channels

Hi there,

once upon a time there was some information about official Matrix channels for L5.
Can anyone of you support here? Pasting Links to them.

If applicable just invite me in those channels.
Seaching in my client did not find any channel.


This is the main room, hopefully you can search this

This should link directly, but I’m admittedly new at this.

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Thanks to @techranger and @dean. Found room in my client. Your link @techranger pointed me to use web client I never do. So I searched for the room name and now I am successfully in. Thanks a lot.

Are there any more rooms? I remember 3 or 4 of them.

These are Purism-related. I’m not sure whether there are more or not. Enjoy!

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Best current reference for Purism Matrix Rooms:


Are the rooms still supposed to be online? I’ve been trying to join them with Nheko and Fluffychat clients but both failed

Could someone invite me to the Librem 5 channel? I left it a while ago, but would like to check in again, if someone could PM with a invite or something.


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For Librem 5 development chatter
ID: !

Thanks, but you have to be invited to actually join the rooms.

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