Official Wiki entries for Librem 5 Apps

Mladen and João have been hard at work writing up two PureOS Wiki entries for Librem 5 apps. One for apps available from our repo and one for 3rd party repo apps. Check out and contribute to both below:

13 Likes Does this qualify the sound recorder app entry to be fully optimized? Screenshots for Librem 5 are in the comments, looks neat!

Since these are probably going to be very central lists of compatible apps, could it be possible to add a column with direct link to see what their internationalization/localization/translation status is (if such info exists)? With gnome apps this should be pretty simple have this “human compatibility aspect” as well there.

@JR-Fi our list links the apps to their respective Gitlab/Github pages. All of that info should be on their pages.

BTW, Other lists of Mobile Linux apps that I’ve come across:

If you folks know of/see other good lists, feel free to link them below.

Edit: Oops. Added L5 Community Wiki link as well

Yes, I saw that and do not consider it user/customer friendly. Hence the ask for Damned Lies (Gnome apps - others may use something else) page of each app, which has very nice visual info for just something like this.

Btw. does the community wiki page count?

Yes it does. Also I’ll pass the feedback along regarding translation status though I foresee that being on a different page. First step is getting the apps listed and working.

I saw that today. Yes, the new version of GNOME sound recorder uses libhandy and is mobile adaptive. But it is still in the development branch, nightly, it will be stable by GNOME 3.38

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One more list, a fork of MGLApps: