Offline Maps PureOS

I have to travel fairly frequently without cellular services. Can I utilize maps on PureOS offline?

If not, are there any good offline map/directional software for GNU/Linux that support the Librem 5?

Thank you so much!


I’m interested in this also, I think there should be ways to do it but I don’t know how at the moment. Here is a link about such things: Using OpenStreetMap offline - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Related GNOME Maps issues:


If you are motivated enough you can try osmin, but you’ll have to download the source code and compile it

I tried it on one of my L5 with PostmarketOS, it’s available by default, The map scrolling is very fast, very smooth, and it’s very easy to download maps (many Gb per country)
But I didn’t tried to make it work with the GPS, so I can’t tell if it will works with your L5’s GPS


You could give the Organic Maps flatpak from flathub a try. Currently, it crashes when accessing the location for me, but you can download maps.


Puremaps with the osm server works well from flathub Search for 'puremaps' | Flathub. Osmin works fine with gps on postmarketOS


Have you tried filling an issue request?

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I was tinkering a bit with a little with PureMaps and OSM Scout Server its a bit convoluted/difficult to set up (I haven’t succeeded yet).

There is an older maps app I saw that some people recommended, I may post it here if I remember it might be Navit but I haven’t tried it myself

A couple I just found looking things up:


It looks like an issue exists but was closed. Perhaps it was closed by mistake or the actual fix wasn’t implemented? Enabling location access causes Organic Map to crash (PureOS 10.3) · Issue #61 · flathub/app.organicmaps.desktop · GitHub

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I used Puremaps and OSM Scout Server with offline maps last night to find my way to my son’s baseball game yesterday. Worked great.