Old Android Died, Got a New One - Librem 5 Procedure?


They are. Refer “Librem 5 USA Edition”. However the price isn’t very appealing. :slight_smile:


True, a mere 2 grand … Well, I might spring for it since the “China Edition” may be indefinitely delayed. I’m almost half way there anyway, so why not.


Yep, I expect I can massage the LDIF file into whatever text format it needs to be.

LDAP itself is in a sense nicer though since then the L5 will just pick up all my contacts that are shared with (served to) my existing spiPhones, not that the LDAP client on the spiPhone works very well, and that’s the beauty of closed source software. :slight_smile:


just a quick bash script to do this task of importing a vcard to gnome contacts. This was made on a desktop. But hey one of the perks of having the same gnu/linux software stack on mobile and desktop is that if you make a script that works on the desktop, it will work on the phone, it has also been tested on a Librem 5


So I upped the game a little bit with that bash application to import contacts, now has shortcut icon, notifications and whatnot:


Woohoo! -=-=-=-=-=


This needs the other half, the export. I’d love to just import/export between my laptop and the phone to keep them in sync. I despise the idea of having to use some kind of server in between, even if it is my server.


Humm, yes that can be done.

But it’s trickier because you have more factors at play, like:

  • What contacts database you want to export? One? All? Just export form the local database by default, or provide an option, to export contacts from carddav?
  • Do you wanna just export the whole database in bulk, or select contacts to export?

“Choice. The problem is choice.” Neo

But hey, thanks for the idea for a next version :smiley:

The ultimate solution to this issue is for someone to send a patch to GNOME Contacts for it to be able to import contacts from files.

There is the developer documentation of Evolution Data Server, with all the info on parsing vcards


Here is the repo for GNOME Contacts:

And their ticket with this issue:


thanks for the excellent article
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If you don’t want a server but you want to synch then maybe some kind of merge between the two devices. It gets messy though once you have a half a dozen phones and half a dozen laptops / desktops (not exaggerating). A server starts to look like an attractive option e.g. LDAP (and, yes, I would run that privately - wouldn’t trust a service provider even if one were available). I’ve currently tried slapd and that works ish but I am looking forward to a phone that I control where I can make it work really.


Indeed, the server-less approach does not scale. But on the other hand, I can’t imagine myself using 6 phones. To each his own.


The idea of the contacts being on the SIM makes me think of Gammu/Wammu. I had a laptop with a 3G modem module, and used Wammu to read/write SIM contacts and read/write/send SMS messages using that module. I wonder if that would work on the Librem 5.

In theory, any device that supports the right AT commands should work with Gammu/Wammu. In practice, you can’t always make the assumption that a device with an AT interface will be compatible. There could also be conflicts with other software (drivers) that wants to use the same device. The Librem 5 certainly has other software that wants to use the modem! (For SMS, voice calls, data.)

Edit: This also works on my current laptop, which has a 4G module. I first had to disable the mobile broadband radio in NetworkManager. (i.e. nmcli radio wwan off, or the GUI equivalent.) The SIM card’s SMS memory was full (literally full) of unread “low balance” alerts from my service provider!