Old Android Died, Got a New One - Librem 5 Procedure?

So my old Android 4 Motorola with the slider finally died So I “had” to get something. I walked into the Verizon store, and bought one and got the number transferred on the spot.

The thing that surprised me (not really I new they had the data beforehand), was that all my contacts were transferred to the new phone, like nothing had changed, except I had no prior SMS messages to look at. No big deal. There may be someting on the old SD chip to extract, but I haven’t dug into the old phone to retrieve it yet.

When my EVERGREEN arrives next month and I transfer the phone again, I don’t think it will be that easy.

So I had better get a notepad and pen to write all those contacts down.

Isn’t it so?

If you can export them (to csv, json, or xml) (or save them to the internal SD card storage), importing them into the L5 should be fairly simple. If you can’t, then I’d plan to just set the old phone by the new phone to retype them, still no need to write it all out longhand.


still json is just html compressed … right ?

I’m old school. For example. I keep 3 password books in 3 separate places. One of them is smaller, like a travelling spell book in D&D.

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No, json stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It’s a plain text way of writing out structured key-value pairs, using the same syntax as defining or describing “objects” in Javascript. It’s not really related to HTML at all, you might be thinking of XML, which is also a derivative of SGML. All of these are structured, plain text human readable formats (in theory, it’s a challenge in practice to read modern office type XML based formats, especially with embedded base64 encoded data) that are easily parsed by many software applications.


JSON’s also compatible with other language’s map and list syntax, sometimes with very minor alterations. You can generally just eval it with python and the like. Of the listed formats, it’s generally the most human readable.

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Evergreen now shipping in July FYI


Doh, I missed that memo.

Not really :wink:

If you can export your contacts as a vcard, a *.vcf file then you can import them to the Librem 5 phone.

While GNOME Contacts does not yet have a nice import button, you can import vcard files with the syncevolution tool.

Also GNOME Contacts also supports remove addressbooks via GNOME Online Accounts.


Well, I’m not sure this has been 100% confirmed by Purism at this point. This is based on a comment in the forums from someone who claims that @nicole.faerber at the Purism session at FOSDEM said this. There has yet to be an official announcement unless I missed something.

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i’ll wait for the official answer …

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Maybe the contacts were on the SIM card.

Anyway, good question on the Contacts migration procedure as I am sure we will all face that question in some form.

Any chance of LDAP support on the L5 at Evergreen shipment? Or at least importing a .LDIF file?


EDS does support LDAP backend. If you can make a shim view to map your schema to eds schema - that should solve it.

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Concerning shipping dates, the situation in China is still very very unclear to us - and to this extend to pretty much everyone else. What we know is that all the factories we are talking to are not yet back to work. Some engineers in the offices are, but the majority still seems not to be operational again. There is no confirmation on when they will return.

So bottom line is, we actually do not know. We have no idea how this will affect us and our time line. What do know though is that it will affect us - already as of today we have an effective delay of at least three weeks. If they can make this us or if this has ripple effects and create even more delays, we honestly don’t know. We trying our very best to stay in touch with them and to clear things up, but honestly there is not much we can currently do, I am very sorry. This is not only a problem for us but this is becoming a humanitarian crisis of proportions we have no idea yet. Everything that depends on China will be heavily impacted by it - and most of course the Chinese people.

Of course we will update everyone once we know more details.



I am guessing that if this is not a feature by the time of Evergreen, it can at least be scripted, in a nice little bash script with some icons in the display

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Any userfriendly guide to import csv contact file into librem5?

Thanks for the update.
Unfortunately, all signs seem to indicate that nothing has gotten better. Rather, things have gotten much worse.
I don’t think it’s business as usual any longer. We’re looking at a situation that won’t clear up for probably a year or better.
I don’t mean to be a bummer, but that’s where reality is at.

Our business imports container and packaging from China and we’re looking at indefinite delays for various items. Plus, we’re also taking steps to decontaminate anything in question.
Truth is, once more business sectors are effected, the whole world will have to pause in certain ways. This means, delays, etc. won’t be out of the ordinary, which is bad. Though, hopefully, people will understand and not cast blame upon you–us, in our line of business–for unavailability, delays and so on.

We’re praying here too.


if someone blames Purism they should also lay blame on everyone else there as well … but how can it be somebody’s fault when this shit hit the fan so hard ? …

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There’s a lesson here, a lesson in globalism. People will have different takes on it. Though it can’t be said perils like this were never foreseen.
For a company like Purism, they’d do well to cultivate solutions in the US–even if only for backup.

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Whatever you need to do to ensure the best survival for my fellow human beings…I can wait. I mean, I get that China does what they do best but please don’t risk their lives to do it now. You made the core software and I’m already a happy Purism customer because of that…that’s really all I wanted :slight_smile: Please don’t think I have any more customer demands.

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