Old PureOS version number in iso filename


On the PureOS download page here:


it says “Version: PureOS 9.0” so it looks like the version number for the new release is 9.0.

But the iso file I get when clicking the “Dowload .iso” button is pureos-8.0-gnome-live_20190830-amd64.hybrid.iso so there it looks like the version number is 8.0.

I guess the version number should be 9.0 also in the filename, is that a mistake or am I missing something?


Good catch. We fixed the inconsistency and it should be updating on the web pages shortly.


Are you sure it’s been fixed? A week has passed and it still looks the same.

Note that this is about the filename in the download link. The PureOS download page does say 9.0 when just looking at it, but when I hover the mouse pointer over the download button, or click it to download the file, then the filename says 8.0.

If it is fixed and the web page is just not updated yet, how long will that take? I think the different version numbers can be confusing for people who want to test PureOS.


The text file with the shasums also had 8.0 in it.


Thanks everyone for having eagle eyes! The page is now properly updated.


The website (for me) still has 8.0 written all over. Is there a new version of PureOS? What is the change?


I think maybe we’ve misinterpreted the inconsistency. As I was reading this, it sounded like the intended version was 9.0, but the file hadn’t been updated. Looking now, I’m wondering if the intended version is still supposed to be 8.0, and so now they have fixed all the references to say 8.0, rather than 9.0. Because I don’t see any mention of 9.0 (though I believe the original 8.0 was Prometheus, and now it is Hepaestus?) - but aside from the Greek god, everything seems to be consistent with 8.0.

I know they have been transitioning from a rolling release to a stable release, while working on making a new rolling release target, but how that maps into various Greek gods and version numbers is something I don’t know.


The gods, as always, live separately from us mere mortals. Otherwise you’re interpretation is correct. We just pushed stuff back to 8 while we make sure that the image creating software that we use in the build system is consistent with our numbering scheme.


OK. But in the future, please change the version number when making a new release, otherwise the version number becomes meaningless.

As it is now, the “8.0” does not really say much since there has been several different releases all labeled 8.0. This can lead to problems for example in bug reports, if someone reports a bug in the installer for version 8.0, then you don’t know which version they were actually using.

It’s good to have version numbers for software, but it requires that you actually change the number when making a new release. Otherwise I think it’s better to remove the version number, it will just be confusing.

Edit: having thought about this some more I realized that I don’t completely know what I’m talking about here. The way version numbers are used is different for operating systems compared to single software packages, maybe the version number should not necessarily be changed when there is a new installer file. I don’t know so I should probably not try to say anything more about it. :slight_smile:


The version number of an ISO is generally not so useful for bug tracking. Rather the version number of the package where the bug was found is much more specific.


Yes, I was thinking more about when there are issues/bugs related to the installer file itself. You did release several different installers, apparently the iso file that is up for download right now was uploaded 20190830 but before that there was a different one. Maybe it’s correct that both of them are for “version 8.0” but it’s still confusing. When looking at the download page we get no indication that anything has changed.

For example, someone who tried to install PureOS earlier but failed might like to try the new installer, but when looking at the download page they will not see that there is anything new, they just see “8.0” like before. I think it would be nice to show the upload date more clearly, and maybe explain how the new installer differs from the old one.

Anyway, it’s good that the version number is now the same in the filename as in the webpage text, thanks for fixing that!


This should be fixed now - thanks for noticing.



Yes, now it says 9.0 in both places. Looking good! Thanks!


maybe change it to “PureOS - derived from the latest Debian 10 - stable” or something …

9 is good since it follows 8 . 8+1=9 . i follow the logic but for mere mortals it might be better for everybody that uses THIS link to know that it’s derived from the latest (stable) Debian mirror and not give it a number.

this in my mind makes more sense untill you guys decide to have PureOS be it’s OWN thing.


In many cases PureOS is it’s own thing. While we try and be upstream first, there are files, artwork, and a few packages that are PureOS only. We try and keep this to a minimum, but PureOS is still distinct from upstream.