Older, used Librem notebooks for sale?

With the shipping of the Librem 14, which I can not afford.
I had thought we would see older used laptops for sale? Which I can not afford either.

So what will you buy? :wink:

Hmmm. I had thought there would be a flurry of used Librem Laptops.

I might borrow money.

I have an X230, which I got for two hundred, and I still might attempt to FLASH the ROM, to put Core Boot/Heads on it. I already bought Librem Key. My upgrading of Lenovo Think Pad X230 to put it more like the Insurgo model which is Qubes approved obviously does not belong in this forum.

And I receive Social Security, which is getting worse in buying power.

My Librem 15 is still working great, and it has neutralized and disabled Intel ME, so I’m not going to part with it.

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Not many people sell their used Librem 13/15, but you can do a search on eBay for “Librem”, and then save that search, so that it is easy to search for the same thing in the future.

I listed my Librem 15 version 4 on eBay

It has 16 GB and 2 hard drives. (One is the nvme ssd a d the other a regular hd both are 512 GB

I am interested in the Librem 15. However. I am on Social Security, and I would be sure that this will go for a lot more than three hundred. I probably won’t make a bid.

Have you anything else to sell?
Are you part of – a computer store that might have other things for sale?

I have been messing around to Flash Core/Boot Heads on a Thinkpad. If you are in the business, have you accomplished this? Have you done so several times? I would like to find someone who is experienced who is capable, and I might pay a bit to Flash Core/Boot Heads.

I have a used one listed on eBay.

If you’re still looking for a machine, I have a Librem 13 v2/v3 w/32 Gb of RAM, a 1 Tb Samsung 970 EVO Nvme as main drive, and a 120 Gb SSD as extra internal storage, with the Intel i7-6500U CPU. Includes a Librem Key and PureBoot installed as the BIOS (updated on 10/18/2022). Just did a fresh wipe and install of PureOS today, including the non-free firmware needed to drive the Intel AX-200NGW WiFi. You can fight with the Bluetooth firmware. Including power supply.

Quirks: Left shift key isn’t the most sensitive. It came like this from the factory. If you’re a touch-typist, it’ll drive you nuts. I use an external keyboard most of the time just because. The left USB port seems to not connect well. I use the right, which works fine. (Librem key goes here for boot verification.)

$300 plus shipping from West Virginia and it is yours. If not, Ebay gets it.

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I want it. I want it. I want it.

PM me details of how to convey money.

Right now I have to go home and protect pipes from cold.

I will PM my address and such.