Olivia AI open Source

Please elaborate…


Yeah, like a couple of paragraphs on what this software can do and why I would want to use it?

Are you using it?

Are you using it on Purism hardware? If so, which?

I’m starting to try it and I reported it here in the forum because it seems to me to have excellent potential and could also be used in the phone (maybe tomorrow)

I don’t even understaqnd what is it…

Seems that it’s a financial assistant AI that examines your spending habits and suggests ways to save money. I’m wary of giving an AI that much info on me, especially if it is phoning home to any centralized server, though they at least some of their code is open-source. I haven’t dug into it to see whether it’s fully open.

I guess if it were fully open and run completely locally, it would be ok.

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