On shut-down, can I boot and have previous windows restored?

I love the additional place to park open progs/windows etcetera in to a number their own “workspace” i.e. bottom right corner workspace shows 1/1, or 2/3
If I 'shutdown, id it possible that whatever windows were open, in any parked workspace, load back to where everything was?

Assume I just booed up. I open a browser, a doc file and put them side x side. I have 1/1 “Workspace” open. .
Now I click to open another workspace and have 4 panes, then a third workspace.

Is there a way to shutdown (not sleep) and on boot again, have everything as it was?

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If hibernate works properly then that would do what you want, but since ACPi replaced APM some decades ago, I have not had good luck with hibernate under linux when I try it from time to time.

When VMs are “suspended” they retain state across host reboots/[power cycles. So if your windows of interest do what you want in a VM that should work if your host system has enough resources to accomodate a VM.

Hibernate might work, but be prepared to be disappointed.


GNOME seems to have this feature, though I can’t find the proper documentation on it. This is the closest I’m currently able to find: gnome-session(1) — Arch manual pages.

When saving a session, gnome-session saves the currently running applications in the $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/gnome-session/saved-session directory. Saving sessions is only supported with the legacy non-systemd startup method.

PureOS uses systemd so you may not be able to use this. Maybe someone else knows of a different method?

KDE merged this feature and is targeting the upcoming 6.1 version (https://invent.kde.org/plasma/plasma-workspace/-/merge_requests/3523).


Thanks @j_s I’ll try w/ Hibernate.
I’ve gotten over being disappointed here.

and thanks as well to @gondolyr - I look forward to their success.

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