One Bit of fun with my L5

One bit of fun I can do with my L5 given I have the following conditions:

  1. I have two phones, one regulard 'droid, paid for with my Son’s family plan.

  2. Ergo, my L5 has a different phone number.

  3. Since I haven’t told anyone (except a select few) my new L5 phone number, I pull the following trick:

When on a 'droid call, within earshot another friend or friends (who are not on my ‘select’ list) I’ll say:

"Let me call you on the secure line."

Then I’ll hang up, switch phones, and call them back. Then go through some faux “sync” play acting.

"Ready to sync? One, two, three … "

Then flip the irrelevant Wifi middle switch.

(Given my retired history, it sounds plausible.)



Intelligence 4 ever !