One year of use

First of all, whew, its been a moment since I’ve been here. 14 months of use since July 2022. What a fun year it has been seeing the strides made by the Purism’s part. VoLTE calling, Video recording with the camera app and autofocus, Sparklan Wifi/BT module, PureOS 10.3, power optimizations just to name a few. What an improvement to see take place vs when I first picked up it up a year ago from a third party. What was once a weekly driver has become a daily driver. Thanks everyone involved. Keep up the good work.


Did you install the SparkLAN Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module?

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You are so lucky! I only have it three month, but still love it. Had issues with Phone Jack, got fluff and dust insde so that my earplugs did not work the way it was intend. The sound got lost like if you have only some single channels on surround sound, and did not hear everything else. So i just closed my phone jack socked with sellotape and used my Bluetooth JBL headphones with my Librem5, it was a journey with blutoothctl and Settings, because my JBL headphones need to re-paired to another device and i did not know how to reset the setting on the device and end up try some button pushing and listen to the scan log and some blinking lights on the headphones. But it worked like a charm, once i repair them and now everything is fine.

Have to enhance my phone with some more storage space and try to understand how the camera works, that i can use some scripts for optimization pictures using the raw images.

Some thing i do not like is that i can not copy an url, and open that in my Firefox, cause i have no ctrl + v in my sub manu. And watching videos on toodle did not work, only after a download and launch some Videoplayer. And the Data-Browser is not finished, so its hard to Browse and delete some files for example. My workaround is to use SSH or the Terminal anyway. Which is fine for me, but newbies you know…

But just having a phone as a Linux Computer with up to date Software and the possibility to create own scripts, or just read logs… is so amazing! I can’t believe having this power already in my pocked. Thank you Purism for this.


If you installed the mobile-config for firefox it should allow you to press and hold to access the menu for pasting, opening in new tabs, and all that.

There is also the option to switch to the terminal keyboard for on the on-screen keyboard (OSK) temporarily to then do ctrl+v

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I usually make use of Portfolio (Available in Flathub at least), it’s made for Phosh/mobile screens.

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Thank you pajuky, i’ll give it a try. Right now i just use the Terminal to delete files, which is ok, but not good enough for some mainstream usage with click and touch.

Not the person you asked, but I installed the newer SparkLAN module and have had good results. Noticeably better performance over the previous module.

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Me too, but I ordered it because I wanted to dedicate a week or so to update all of the firmware afterwards; I like a clean slate to start with.

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