Open call for mailing lists


I’m a long time (since 1998) FreeBSD ‘guru’, Openmoko user and my daily driver is since 2015 the Ubuntu mobile E4.5. This only as background of my question/request. In all such areas we use mailing lists for the discussion of technical threads.

Said that, in 2019 I already asked here Mailing lists for technical minded folks for mailing lists and as I do now have two L5 (well, one has my little 11 years old son) I checked again what we have as lists, here

But, these lists are pretty much dead, of course they are because it is now, in 2021, that devices have been rolled out and are coming to our hands.

Please, L5 users with technical background, willing to tweak or write software for the L5, subscribe there. Forums like this or matrix chat rooms are nice, but nothing compared with mailing lists which are threaded, have archives etc.

matthias (