Open-source 3D games for HD graphics 520

What open source 3D games can you recommend for such a low-power video accelerator? So light, it is desirable to be able to play them on passive cooling.

It will also be interesting to learn about very light 3D engines for large open spaces (I want to create a physical sandbox on a lightweight engine)

Quake 3 engine. Open sourced a long time ago, and runs fantastic on practically everything these days. Knock yourself out!


Godot is free/royalty free/open source :slight_smile:

  • quake 3 arena
  • supertuxkart (requires lowered graphics settings, but is playable)
  • pioneer space sim

0AD and Minetest should run fine.

chess :expressionless:

@2disbetter What license is Quake 3 under? I cannot seem to find it.

Engine under GPL, content under proprietary license. But you can download “openarena” from repository, it’s free content.

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hi there! :smiley:

sooooo i just made a fast research for u, as ive searched for a very concrete site that ive seen in the past and that i think i actually missed from this list, but there are quite much of resources, and there are really cool stuffs out there as far as i can see, but i cant call myself a gamer, just i was interested as well… btw try xonotic! :slight_smile:

have fun and stuffs! :smiley:

@hippi @scaled Some more great resources:


Just a heads up, Lutris does include many non-free games. Make sure to select “full libre”.

Realy cool game :sunglasses:
Very similar to CubeWorld, but it in early development.
Fully compatible Minecraft Classic client, written on C, with great multiplier.

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thank you kind sir, now I have all I need to build a desktop for my daughter :slight_smile:

openmw works pretty well on limited GPU hardware

(the code is open source, but as with Q3, the original game assets aren’t)