Open source media library software recommendation

Windows 7 is approaching end-of-support and Windows Media Center requires Win10 and $$, so I need to switch platforms to host my substantial music collection.
At present I use Subsonic on a Synology server, but I want to switch to Linux on a small-form-factor PC with HDMI. Subsonic has long-standing bugs with playing FLAC over the network and being unable to play files with strange tags. It also requires a subscription for Android.
You folks are so nice and knowlegeable – do you have a favorite media player that manages large collections, works well with FLAC, supports Android, and can download art and info from really good web sites?

I use VLC. It can play FLAC, can download album art, and works on all platforms. It has so many options that the interface is a little confusing, but it works for me.

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If you don’t mind adding a non-free repository, I’m a fan of Plex.