OpenPGP Applet won't open

When I go into the software app and click launch nothing happens

I’m getting the same response from the app after I’ve installed it on PureOS.

Does anyone else have this same issue, and does anyone have a solution?

Or does anyone have any recommendations for an alternative to Openpgp Applet for PureOS?

hi @nlx6 there are some Applets that still use the old applet design, showing them on the left bottom side.
AFAIK that’s no longer supported in newer GNOME versions.
There is a Gnome extension called TopIcons which moves those icons into the top panel.
Not sure if PureOS can use the web installer for Gnome.
If not you might have to look for the Extensions in the Repositories.

thanks @Manuel I found the extension, however, it did not solve the problem.

would you happen to know of a simple notepad-like app that allows a user to encrypt text with a public pgp key?

I don’t really have a use case for that sort of thing but a short websearch found a solution based on Gedit.
not sure if that’s what you are looking for but it’s a option I should work really well without adding additional Apps and stuff.
EDIT: Better explained the selection of the suggested solution.

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