OpenTTD is outdated in the software app

The software app has only an outdated version of OpenTTD and when I try to install a newer version of the game from the game’s website as a .deb file the app says it is proprietary and that it has unmet dependencies but doesn’t specify them.

Do you have a URL for the game so we might review the license? Is it this perhaps -->

It looks like OpenTTD relies on proprietary graphics: You can see more about licensing here:

Okay thank you for the reply.

But the game can use OpenGFX for graphics which is free software also the game has been already on the software app and the update doesn’t change the the graphics.

There are other dependencies required which are not free software. PureOS only provides free software or open source packages. You may be able to download the needed dependencies somewhere else.

I found that the unmet proprietary dependency is the OpenSFX sound pack which is absent from the version in the software app. Couldn’t the game be updated without the soundpack as the version which is on the software app would also have the soundpack if not removed.

Maybe you could try the Flatpak version?

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This seems to work, thank you.