Opinion poll: Which batch would you choose?


If I order a Librem 5 today, September 8th, 2019, how can I get any estimation of which batch will be shipped to me? Is Evergreen full? Are there still openings in Aspen? Everything is relative to the demand which only Purism can see. Have they communicated anything about this topic to us? I imagine that after the first good review article comes out, the demand will skyrocket.


I am probably going with Fir because it has a better processor.


Evergreen is not full. I’m pretty sure everybody who orders now or ordered within the last few months will end up in Evergreen, and that batch will be about as big as they’ll assume it has to be with all orders coming in before it will be produced.

Nobody had a chance to give up their Aspen slot yet, as that mail was not sent around yet. But ordering now will never give you Aspen, as everybody who ordered before you has a higher priority to pick Aspen.


it will also last “forever” since the first batches are metal casing-ed.


i’m probably going for a few of those as well after i get one L5v1 first in q2-2020 (i doubt i’ll get mine in octomber-early november this year - if that’s not happening then i don’t want mine delivered in the cold period so i’ll just root for the early backers and hope my q10 doesn’t “die” on me)


A few? How many phones do you need?



as many as i can get :smiley:


Let’s hope that is a lot, it helps keep Purism alive long enough to make my Fir Librem 5.

But what are you going to do with those phones? Are you going to use them as spares? Or for modding?


Just slap a “China Export” mark on there and it’ll feel like it’s CE-certified!


I wonder why Dogwood is so unpopular. Seems like more people want to cancel then take Dogwood. Maybe because it is released right before Evergreen which means that if the Dogwooders would wait just a little bit longer then they would get the full product instead of an unfinished product.


It’s probably just not anyone’s first choice. A lot of the Aspen voters, myself included, would be happy to get as early of a release as they could. People who don’t want one of the “prototype” releases are probably going to vote for Evergreen or Fir. I’m willing to bet more people would rather be in Dogwood than cancel their orders.


You are probably right. I think that most people who voted on something different than cancelling would prefer Dogwood over cancelling. At least I know that I voted Fir and I definitely prefer Dogwood over cancelling.


I ordered October 12, 2017. Wow XD I wonder if that manages to put me into Aspen :thinking: Probably Birch? That was shortly before the original preorder ended. Fir is tempting for the new processor, and what’s another year after all this time? :joy:


If I’ll be in a late batch, I am evaluating to get, for the time being, an Xperia X or XA2 and put Sailfish on it, and go directly for Fir. I love the UI, it’s not the best in term of privacy, but at least it’s better than android. It depends how I feel when the Purism batch allocation email arrives.


well i won’t say for all of them but some are probably going to be gifts. i know some young minds who could use them for education and for beeing better “comrades” where i live.


There is nothing wrong with those who chose to be the first to use the phone. I am sure that it will be very workable. I chose for Evergreen myself as I do not believe that I want to update software in Terminal or deal with modifications to HW created by a need to ‘work out the kinks’. I am not faulting Librem here as companies such as GM, Ford, VW in cars, Samsung and Apple in Smartphones and Computers and others have all had some kinks to work out, often with much more experience in the field.
It is no sin to be a latecomer to the field to have fewer problems that need address, though certainly it may make me seem a bit wimpy or at least overly-cautious to some.
I am looking to the long game here. I presume that my device may be outdated on its receipt, but that it will reflect a mature build requiring less adjustments and that is fine with me.


I’d be curious to hear from the 4% who decided to cancel their orders.
What was the reason?:

  1. Economics (you needed the money back)
  2. Case is too thick. You don’t want to carry around a brick.
  3. Need a new phone now and can’t wait any longer.
  4. Want higher spec hardware.
  5. Feel that Purism misled you or didn’t communicate well
  6. Lost interest in the project.
  7. Don’t believe that Purism will deliver what was promised.
  8. Other

  1. Clicked wrong button. LOL
  2. Other


Maybe they are terrorists. Terrorists must use an Apple, Android, or Windows device so that the NSA can catch them. But I am no terrorist so I do not need a spy brick.


my first reaction when i found out after i insta-backed-the-project with my $ that the L5s battery was only user-removable and not hot-swapable/reloadable was “aw hell no gimme’ my lions back” after i got the refund i calmed myself and went in “full force” with a couple k lions back and here i am happy as a “lion” :wink: