Opinion poll: Which batch would you choose?

Hi all,

if hypothetically you have a choice to start with the first batch (Aspen), which batch would you choose from the following (for more information about what every batch include see here)?

  • Aspen - September/October
  • Birch - October/November
  • Chestnut - December
  • Dogwood - January/March
  • Evergreen - Q2 2020
  • Fir - Q4 2020
  • Cancel my order

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Seems like, so far there is much interest in Aspen, even if it could be an alpha hardware stage…

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For all the people complaining about Aspen being unfinished, I’m surprised it’s in the lead. I was hoping I might be able to get a spot in the batch when someone changed their batch but it looks like those few first iterations will be very desirable.


It’ll not be unfinished.


I don’t think it’ll be unfinished but there are several people at the top of the “Librem 5 Shipping Batches” thread saying what a bold move it is to ship an unfinished phone, and there’s similar criticism on Phoronix and Reddit.


Of course. It’s the Internet.
I like the opening line in the Linux Gamer’s video I linked above. It should become a classic. :rofl:

"Okay. There are some people online who are upset."

The poll is a good way to show how the silent majority thinks.


As I already said, though I consider Aspen “unfinished”, I still want it ASAP! :slight_smile:

By Evergreen+ is likely to be my actual batch… :slight_smile:

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If someone who receives an Aspen device doesn’t like it, contact me :slight_smile: I’d be happy to buy it! (And keep my later batch phone as well)


I’d be willing to transfer my order over to someone else. Contact me if you are interested (I paid $599 and that’s all I’d be asking for).

Edit: @hackersgame is getting my order.


i’ll be a Birch then and i’ll be “lucky” to receive it by then i think. not november/december or later for me it’s too cold and it’s a pain in my but to do travel/customs when everybody thinks about what Santa brings this time around.

If anyone would like to trade their Aspen or Birch for a later version (I ordered on 2019-01-06), please let me know.

Having the phone sooner might just motivate me to get started on porting my Android app (a dictionary for indigenous languages) to Linux.


Highly doubt that anyone would. Those entitled to Aspen are hardcore enthusiasts and waited so long to see this happen :slight_smile:


If I’m entitled for an Aspen (but I strongly doubt, my order was place September the 8th), I would definitely go for it. But otherwise I probably wait Evergreen or Fir. Maybe in the meantime I’ll please myself with a Pine (phone)

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What I don’t quite get is what is really going to change between the different batches and what’s going to be only temporary.

Software should be temporary, so the “Long Term support” should be available to anyone by Q2 2020, right ?
What about certifications? Is it software or hardware?

It also seems that only the first 2 batches will have a different board, so only minor improvements shall occur between other batches. What’s to point waiting for Evergreen in this case?

Hardware refinements - case fit, antenna design/position and any other necessary tweaks to other parts (eg. button cap design?) after people discover the inevitable design flaws in the early versions.


? what do you mean ? the RYF certification or the radio ones ?

Well, it seems like Evergreen will be the first batch with full CE markings. I don’t know if the certification will retrospectively be valid for previous batches, but obviously you can’t mark them before official approval.


From what I read on the internet, as it is not my field of activity, the CE certification is not a complicated and difficult to obtain business and is valid for all of Europe even if the practice was carried out in only one EU state. So, perhaps, it would be more logical to send in Germany (I am thinking of the Nicole Faerber company) the phones that have to arrive in Europe and from there, after the certification, send them to the final destinations.

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I honestly don’t mind waiting longer if I can get discounts and improved finishing touches.

I can understand why some folk feel rushed and I don’t blame them but these things take time.

It’s astonishing to think we even have something like this in the first place.


This is a 1st Linux phone success on market. They make it with the heart deep in kernel . I don’t mind it not tight and something . Many parts was handmade,. I love this prototype product . I will keep it forever.