Order Confirmation emails?

I recently ordered a Librem 5 USA. While I can see the order in the store, I haven’t received any emails about the order. Is this normal, or is there some issue with my emails from the Purism store?

I have tried support, with two separate emails a week apart, with no answer. Maybe I’m expecting too much - I’ve grown accustomed to order confirmation emails.

I’ve been having issues with the Purism store myself. Every time I tried to purchase a Librem 5 USA, I was given a notice to contact my credit card company for additional verification. However, my credit card company stated that nothing was being blocked on their end. I’m still waiting for Purism support to get back with me on the issue. Guess Purism doesn’t want my money :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On another note, I did purchase a Librem One account (successfully) which did give me an email receipt, so I would expect the same from purchasing from the store.


For my orders I always got an order confirmation email, with a subject line similar to this: “Your Purism order receipt from April xx, 2020” and inside the email is info about what you ordered, you order number, how much you paid and so on. I think it should be sent automatically, you should get it directly.

Purism’s support usually answers within a day or two in my experience, seems strange that you got no reply in a week. Maybe try contacting them using a different email address (or calling on the phone?) to rule out that there is some problem with emails not getting delivered to your particular email address?

Edit: for the purpose of testing this and seeing for yourself what the confirmation emails look like, you could try making a 5 USD donation on the https://puri.sm/fund-your-app/ page, that is treated as a “purchase” and gives the same kind of confirmation email as normal orders.
Edit 2: or get a Librem Social account and verify that way that emails from Purism get delivered, as @mirkoboll suggests.

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As a test, i would rather get a librem social account, that way you order something for free…

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