Order now for Librem 5

I am in love with linux on a phone. I am still playing around with a Nokia N900 for that reason.
Question: if I order a Librem 5 today, will I am in the Evergreen batch? Are all other batches already filled with those people who order last year?

I am also into a supporting these kind of developments. Buying the phone is one thing, but a construction with for example a monthly fee like Patreon would also be a possibility.

From the FAQ

Q: If I order today, what shipping batch will I be in and when will my Librem 5 arrive?

A: Orders placed today will likely fall in Batch Evergreen. Order now to secure your place in line–we are doing everything we can to process orders faster than the queue is filling up, and will continue in that effort.

As for a monthly fee, you could join Librem One


Afaik, they still didn’t release any official info on how full which batches are atm and which order is targeted for which batch. Or did I miss something?

Therefore, it’s rather unclear in which batch you would get assigned when you ordered today.

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probably no earlier than q1 2020 unless many people decide for q2 2020 from the original backers …

It’s pretty much clear that all new orders won’t be fulfilled prior to Evergreen batch. Of course there is a very tiny possibility to have a few orders fit in right before.

The way I understood it we would be asked which batch we wanted to be in ( which has occured . )

Then we would get another email which stated which batch our order fell under and asked if we wanted that batch or our preferred batch ( if available) and which modem .

A few Librem 5 have shipped but I haven’t seen any posts regarding the second email happening or whats in it besides modem preference. So it’s kind of hard to tell .

From what I’ve seen, the next email you should expect is something like:

We are about to ship your Librem 5.

  1. Do you want it now, or do you prefer to wait?
  2. What modem do you want?
  3. What power adapter style (plug type) do you want?
  4. What is your current shipping address?

As for when you can expect that, who knows.