Ordering Librem Mini. (Can I buy the PC without RAM and SSD?)

Hi, folks!
Is it possible to remove some PC parts from the order?

Memory (DDR4): 8GB (1x8GB) × 1
Storage (M.2 SSD): 250GB (NVMe) × 1

I’ll upgrade it and use my own computer parts when the order arrives.
It would be nice to save some bucks.

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The web site clearly enforces that you can’t - so the only way to do this would be to ask Purism. support@puri.sm

There are obvious support and warranty issues in selling barebones devices.

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In the case of the Librem Mini, I would at least order that PC with the SSD and some RAM installed. If Purism installs the operating system, then they test it and at least you get an operating system that works right out of the box. Otherwise if you can’t get it working correctly for some reason, then that’s on you. Since the Mini doesn’t run Windows, you at least want a working example to start that way the first time ever.

With that said, I would buy it to come with the minimum amount of SSD and RAM. When it arrives boot it up, test it, and then clone the SSD on to a much bigger SSD drive and beef up the RAM then. If you buy the smallest amount of RAM to begin with, then you won’t lose much by completely replacing it later. Then store the original SSD somewhere as a fresh back up copy of a newly installed OS. If through experimentation or long term use, you might ever become unhappy with the state of the OS on your large SSD, then try wiping and loading PureOS on to it from scratch, knowing that you have that original SSD available if you can’t get things working correctly. After installing Windows numerous times in my lifetime, I don’t go to these extremes with Windows. But PureOS might not be as fully automated during the install process. Why take the chance that it might not work and leave you stuck the first time you boot your new PC? Take baby steps until you’ve successfully installed a fresh PureOS from scratch a few times and you then go in to the OS the first time seeing it the way Purism installed it.

I just realized also that you’ll want to do some studying of Purism’s securuty measures too. Will the Mini boot in to a cloned or freshky installed OS without thinking that something is suspicious and maybe not working at all because of Security measures designed to protect privacy, and from potential theft in the event that the PC is stolen? If encryption of the drive is involved, any potential lock out against you is possible unless you know exactly everything to do and in the proper order.

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On that note, it would be fair to ask whether the hypothetical customer intends to use Pureboot or Coreboot. However I actually don’t think it matters (with Pureboot) because I think the user has to sign the relevant contents of the disk on first boot.

It is possible that having no disk would be incompatible with including the Anti-Interdiction option.

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Yes, during your order, you can provide order notes mentioning this, and/or contact Purism Support (support@puri.sm) for special requests.