Orders placed today ship June 2021: Is this still the case?

The Librem 14 order page says: Orders placed today ship June 2021. Is this still the case?

The latest advice that I saw was from May 1 and it said:

Parity in June, probable to stay in stock.

It also noted a future price rise.

Yes, May 31st 2021, +$100; Possibly again in Q3 2021

So, for greater certainty you could wait until June in order to confirm shipping parity … but it will cost you $100. :frowning:

I ordered the L14 as soon as shipping started, counting on shipment by June.

That was 3 weeks ago, and since then they are stuck shipping the first month of pre-orders - as far as we know from what was posted in the forums.

Since there are 9 more months of pre-order to go (not counting orders placed after shipping started), I imagine there is going to be some delay there, unless they can ramp up production and shipping by a factor of 10 in the next 4-6 weeks, which I don’t think is going to be happen.

I expect my order to be shipped at the end of July or August. Let’s hope I’m wrong about that and get my Librem 14 as soon as possible.

My bet? Purism is going to announce a 1 month delay in reaching parity at the last possible minute. Very likely after the price increase on May 31st. This will cause criticisms, discussions about transparency and lots of drama in the forums.


Based on our shipping throughput right now it still looks like we will be able to hit shipping parity in June, which would mean an order placed today would ship in June. By the way sometimes people interpret phrases like “in June” to mean “June 1st” which is not accurate or realistic. It means “sometime in June” to give us plenty of room for adjustments depending on the realities on the ground. Is it possible that shipping parity may slip a few weeks? Maybe, it will depend on how fast we can ship through the backlog and whether there are any hiccups along the way that we can’t predict. But in any case that’s our plan.

Of course we continue to get new orders and as we do (and as time progresses) at some point we will either reach shipping parity and update the shop to say “ships in 10 business days” [this means shipping parity] or depending on the volume of new orders we may have to adjust it to say “orders placed today ship in July” instead. So the sooner someone places their order, the earlier in line they are.

If we do update it to say “July” I expect some folks in the forum will misinterpret that to mean their past orders will ship in July (this happens each time we update the shop), but the shop simply provides our best estimate on when a new order placed right then will ship. It’s not an estimate of when any past orders will ship.


So at this stage, there is no guarantee that the orders placed today will be shipped in “June” and therefore possible to foresee further delays then?

Shipping estimates in the shop are just that, estimates, not guarantees, not promises. If it were possible to foresee further delays, they would be factored into that estimate. If something unforeseen changes in the future that causes a delay, by definition it couldn’t have been planned or accounted for.


well let us admit for these “unforeseen” and as for the orders placed before January 2021, do you have estimates also?

It is impossible to admit for unforeseen delays, since one does not know how long those delays would be. That’s what makes them unforeseen. All one can do is make estimates based on the best information one has at the time. As far as our backlog, we will continue to ship through them each week with a plan to hit shipping parity in June. I can’t give more precise estimates on when an individual person’s order (or when an order placed at at particular time) from the backlog will ship.

So for orders before January you won’t be done until the end of May then?

That’s the most accurate forecast that I have seen. :rofl:


Also, in any case they try to reassure us, we know that there will still be delays, “unforeseen” rather predictable, we will still be in June.
Then they will tell us that they have a new revolutionary strategy and that the orders will be shipped tomorrow. A loop that hopefully will have an end. I’ll take the bet too.

May events prove me wrong.

if Purism ships devices on the 31st of June that STILL can’t be called JULY even though it’s really close to July.

this is like saying "shipping on the 31st June at 23 : 59 : 59 hours still doesn’t count as July 1st even though July 1st happens in literally a few seconds away :joy:

pure genius. they’ve learned much from reading Emily Dickinson’s poems :wink:

edit : June is a month with 30 days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: