OTP app for Librem5

Is there any available OTP app for Two-Factor Authentication that you currently use on your Librem5?


Librem 5 2FA Authenticator App - Librem / Phones (Librem 5) - Purism community

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Be aware that not all 2FA scenarios use the standard TOTP or HOTP algorithms. So the first task is to understand what kind of OTP (if any!) is being used for 2FA.

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There are quite a few, actually: https://linuxphoneapps.org/categories/multi-factor-authentication/
I personally use OTPClient, and have heard good things about Numberstation.


If it helps, I’ve had more success importing QR codes with OTPClient compared to Gnome Authenticator.

I was finally able to install and try OTPClient, and it works for my needs! Thanks everybody for your help :slight_smile:

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Do any of these OTP apps have a command line interface for importing an otpauth: “URL”?

If so, you could use zbarimg to convert the QR code into its text and then hopefully import from the command line. However if doing that, remember to shred any temporary files used.