OTP passwords wrong

I recently started using the LibremKey for OTP passwords and found the following problem:

Trying to login to some service with an OTP fails. If I disconnect the LibremKey from my Librem14, reconnect it and then try again the generated OTP works.

To reproduce I have to leave the LibremKey connected for a while to my notebook without using it before trying to login using OTP.

I use the NitrokeyApp sitting on the tray to generate the OTPs. I click on the app icon in the tray, select passwords and the according entry. The OTP then is copied to my clipboard from where I can insert it using ctrl-v.

NitrokeyApp reports App Version: 1.4.1 and Firmware Version: 0.10.

Edit: OTPs tried are all TOTP. Clock of the Librem14 is correct and everything works after reconnect and restart of NitrokeyApp.

Do you know whether it’s HOTP, TOTP or something else? Obviously for TOTP the clock has to be reasonably synchronised for the OTP to work.