Out-off-the-Bubble Addon for a Webbrowser

Hey ,
i am new to the Forum,
I am not that professional but do learn some Python in my University now and had the Idea of an Add-On, i would like to share.
It is called:

Out-off-the-Bubble Add-On for Web-Browsers:

Generally the idea came up while i get hacked quite often the last 2 years on different Systems and do not want the Attacker or Company to know what i am reading, or doing on my Browser.
Sometimes i believe it is because i am a Political Dissident to someone.

Here it is :
An Addon or tool that Emulates Human Searches or Internet-Traffic send to different Search-Engines on randomly generated Questions and/or navigate to random Webpages automatically.
It would be like salting your Activity to the Attacker , the Surveilance-Algorithm or Stalker.
Like people Salt Passwords in Databases, you can salt your Activity automated.

I think it would be better to Fight surveilance Capitalism or other Stalkers by salt their statistics they do about you, automated on random questions or Phrases that look Human, so their Integrity on statistics get much lower.
It is f.E. Googles main Source of Money to have Statistics about Peoples Lifes.
Facebooks Shadowprofiles are the worst.
The Dystopia i see is that people get shot by L€talAut0nomousWeap0nSystems for their Webbrowsing if their content is not conformous to the System they live in.

A String-List would be neccesary that Forms a Question randomly and send it to a search Engine or AI like Bardo or Chatgpt or Google or any Big-Tech-Company, wich makes profit out of Human Behavior in the Internet.

The biggest thing on Search-Engines and their Profit comes from their statistics, they capitalise Human behaviour by automated behavioristical psychological research on everyone, even generating Shadow-profiles and then they manipulate these persons by ads, i think it is a Big Experiment they do on humanity, that i do not like.
In the political Context people would break out of their personal or political Internet-Bubble, if they get for Example other Newspaper-Articles as their Filter-Bubble would suggest them, or other music.
The Addon would be like a Dice you put on these crazy Algorithms !
I really would like to know what happens if a lot of people using these Addon.
Hope the Internet would be as cool as 5-10 years ago!
Google would not have any Integrity on their Informationgathering any more.

The Idea is just Accepting all Cookies and Surveilance Technologys and having a tool that just surf to random pages in the Internet automated, so the integrity of all surveilance would be lost for the surveiling instance to the user who use the Addon, because they can not identify, if there is a human surfing or a Machine does.
I think these would break any Filter-Bubble produced by these Technologies no matter if these filter Bubble is Leftwing vs Rightwing or HipHop vs Metal :wink: , the observer would not know if they observe a human or a Machine. :smiley: (Observer is for example: Google , a reborn MaoZedong, Donald Trump, or the BigBrother or even the BigSister in general how have these Technologies)
Also some Political Dissidents would be protected from these Addon, cause the Integrity of the surveilance would be lost, and they also do extent their Horizon by reading different Articles they are used to.
(In case you want to salt your Political-Browsing with a political Wordlist implemented in these Activity-Spoofer, you can see explicitly whatever news you want, and the Algorithm suggest you more different content, a Win-Win situation, you choose what you want to read and the Algorithm do not know if you read the Article or the Spoofer on your Computer pretend you do)
I think there are some Instances, that already are doing this to the Algorithm of Google or Youtube to get their own content on the first page by generating clicks, but i think everyone should salt their activity to get more Different content and hide their real Online-Behaviour from the Algorithims.
The evolution of tracking was like firstly just Cookies than LSO- Cookies than Scripts and so on…
I think they never stop inventing surveilance technologys, so they should just get randomized statistics by me.


For Example on a really easy Base:

A Sentence formed out of a String list in Python with some parameters:

Who was Bob Marley ? How old he Got? What was his biggest work?
Bob Marley : a
old : b
work: c

The parameters a ; b; c; could just come from a list with different
a = singers ;b = adjective ; c = noun

The question should be send to the Search-Engine in the background, and the tool should navigate to some webpage in the background.

#A Timer would be necessary to let the Tool look like a Human reading the Webpage or Request the #Page, till the Tool navigate to another Webpage, while all Cookies are accepted, the Surveilancesystems #they use for personalized Ads would have less integrity, and would be less worth.
#A Random time from 5-300 seconds would be necessary.

Negative Sideeffect:
Would cost a bit of Datavolume, and Resources of the users Computer.
The wordlist of searches must be really Big and must have all political wings in it!
Even if i am quite political in this post, it should work on any Topic.
I do not want google or a stalker know my Medical research or psychological issues or even my Hobbys.
If the List of words would be to small the Tool itself would be manipulating the Algorithm to a decent political wing or Topic!
Like Fascistic or Click-hungry people do all the time!

Maybe the user can just adjust, how much Datavolume per Month he likes to spend for the Spoofer:

Letting the Dice decide what the user is reading Tomorrow ! :smiley:

I would like to do these Tool as fast as i could but i am just a Beginner in Python !
So if there is someone compete to do this Tool faster than me, i would be really Happy! You have a big chance to be faster, or we can cooperate!

Also i think it is a desaster that there is need for tools like this, it would be cooler if google would be a transparent multinational organisation without ads and surveilance technology! Lookings forward for Linux and Open-Source to become Big !
Nice Greets !

PS: Do you think my Idea is illegalized, yet?
I think the manipulation of the Algorithms by political instances is quite common, but if the tool is used on a free basis integrated in firefox f.E. it is more democratic than the surveilance capitalism we all live in!
In my opinion!

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Bravo! I do what you subscribe manually every now and then, but it would be great if we could launch a program ad hoc.

I’d rather see a stand-alone program that can be set to run at a certain time. Just a program that acts as a browser but runs your Python and just visits selected search engines and Google and random sites, moving the mouse cursor around (GitHub). . Too, if people have, as I do, 14 anti-stalker blockers, and fingerprinting spoofing, a built in program like the one you suggest might start talking to itself. :thinking:

I think that using the logic the marketeers use would not make it legal, but would not make it illegal either. Use Google’s marketing and data collection techniques of if there is no law against it, then it must be OK. If it is illegal to fib on a website visit would you care?
The onus, I believe would be on the users with the the browser. The app may fall into “Terms of Use Policy” (TUP) and “Acceptable Use Policy” (AUP) of the site, which we all read and adhere to - of course.

If it is illegal by virtue of site policies, or by Users ISP’s TUP and AUP, then the program might be a candidate for the folk on the Onion.


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Hi stefank,

the idea is nice but i think you are misunderstood the power of greed behind Surveillance Capitalism.

Right now i think it is not even possible to escape from this companies cause of the power and thousand lines of code and it make absolute sense.

Right now, data flows away by Operating Systems on Smartphones. Another layer is in the drivers, for Keywords/dictionaries of every text Input, for Pictures, for Sound Quality enhancement, for Spam filtering, for Safe Browsing on URLs and for the scan of air tags around you.

However, every WLAN Router can see you through the walls in real time moving, knowing about Response time and Data corelation of using Wifi and Data-Size.

Applications with personalization Algorithms do A/B-Testing for better results and take time in milliseconds about watching Text Snippets and Pictures while catching eye movement and face micro expressions.

So no i think this is no good solution. You have to set off java script, or in-Browser functions. I recommend, just to use really old, low based html text browsers to fetch and filter Information, or use an neural network to interpret a web page. Sometimes its good to, to just see the web through a blind described interface and turn this into text, script processing. But this way you win time and lost information and enhanced misinformation about the context.

So my way is: I do not use internet search, i do not use personalized information. Because i do not give that information away. I surf the web, just indirect about other humans who wrote about the internet in parts of social Media like the Fediverse (Mastodon).

The Next-Big-Thing are chatbot which personalize and caputre Information, like you are talking to your very best friend can social engineering you and help you to gain 10 Top level targets (More Money, More Love, more Knowledge… just to turn you to a slave for the rest of your Life). Sorry right know i am a A.I. Doomer. This can change if we know what we do and use that networks to train our own Lamas. Its just… i am not sure if that is possible without the exhibitionism of privacy and Data on social Media and shared of Billions daily internet Feeds…

About “Some Instances, that already are doing this to the Algorithm of X to get their own content…”. You know its personalized. They think they do it and target that aim… but in reality they are just see the perfect personalization and hat their 1 Identity see it on the First Place. Ok i Inflated, of cause they know that they have to be influencing other to boost their own reach and in that case they see some responses and piece of sharing. But that may be overvalued too. Cause only one control the reach. Like in the Old Media the Chief of that publisher. We just change some channels on our remote to unknown functions of the buttons of the remote… in real time, to tune some black box algorithms.

Sorry, but i think i am a Doomer, its my favorite emotion suggested by the Internet. ;D

This is is what i mean in Python-Code, as i said i am just starting to program:

import webbrowser
import random
import time
from random import choice

RandomRequests = [“Chicken”, “hans”, “social”, “frozen”, “sort”, “obvious”, “capital!”, “Alice”, “live”]
RandomNumbers = range(6,576)

while True:
url = “www.Themostfamoussearchenginestartingwithgendingwithe.com/search?q

If you use a normal Browser and surf via Privacy-Addons, and you are not having a spying smartphone with eyetracking and so on.This would be an other layer of privacy, for the case that the Algorithm or stalker is using your ip and correlates.
You would “salt” the statistics, they would do.
I mean in my understanding of ethics, the whole construct of these Stalker-Marketing is illegal.
The best case would be, if these stringlist would have like a million words in it, or better if the list would be a txt.
Does someone know, how to create a txt in stringlist-format f.E. of the wikipedia-database?
Or know where to download a big string-list as txt?
Also a problems that i see is, that a normal integer is to small for real randomizing statistics, cause they can decorrelate all requests on full seconds, as you mentioned @Christal .
Also i have read that some functions of generating randomchoices are decryptable by the gouverment agencies, as these would get the power then, being the instance who can decorrelate.
I do not know if the Python Module is generating real cryptological random numbers like a one time pad does or not.

Another more easy Idea:
How about starting a semantic while loop on their Lamas.
You can prompt Chatgpt and Bardo via Api:
First prompt on both apis:
Answer every question asked, and generate a random question.
Second step on one api:
Ask a question
Than one Api should prompt the other, i am quite new to Apis, but it would be fun having a never ending loop.
Maybe 42 is the answer :D.
Have not used ChatGpt yet for moralistic reasons.
Do you think it is possible?
As this would solve the fullseconds problem, cause the question and answer is coming on a random time, as how fast their cpu is.
This would induce a lot of Green-Energy, cause they have contracts to just use green power.
And if Bardo or ChatGpt is destroyed, people can use all these power for better.



you are right with scripts and if you access Data from the internet over api or http requests or sockets.

What you miss is that… usually, someone use kind of an App or a Web browser. Which is more complex and like have some dependencies and some thousand Lines of Code or hundreds active running Connections open at runtime.

And that is because you can earn more Data or find a detailed Fingerprinting in the Meta-Data of some Access. You can do Geolocation too! If you known the Runtimes of IP/TCP Packages between the computing centers and the Client.

To address Users, modern commercial Operating Systems use every Data to personalize there session with the Device. And try to know about Typing speed of Words. Holding the Device or what micro expression the Face would share by reading Text or see a Picture and Video.

So if you use your own Scripts or Text-Browsers or Tools to Access Information in a way to have a Backup which can be compute offline. You are on, kind of Secure ground. If you need to be anonymous, Tor Browser may be your friend or shared Data between different Devices. However i am not a Fan of too Anonymous or too much privacy. Everything have some pros and cons.

I am just a Fan of having some consciousness about, what and how data will be processed if its public or stored on commercial systems.

And about this last Point, most do not know or understand how much data some System have… about an physical present individual, even if its not touching/active using a computer/Device.



Here is a better Version:
With a Time, that is not in Full Seconds.
All dependicies rely on the Randomnumbergenerator, as if this is not really randomly the “T=x+((1/y)+(z/10))” part could potencially reversed by the pattern of the mathematical function itself, but everyone can add parts of mathematical additions or roots or anything parametric to x,y,z, just the Time T needs to be humanlike.
I think this is really hard to reverse, but i am not really sure.
Personalize your Script to Depersonalize the Algorithm, to have a personal life uninfluenced by the loop of Ads or content that is automatically forcing into one direction or topic.
(I know an algorithm has no feelings or anything, just as a metaphor)

This is just Reducing the Influence by the Marketeers.

This is more Meta, than Meta yaa! :smiley:
Getting philosophical from time to time.

import webbrowser
import random
import time
import math
from random import choice

RandomRequests = [“Chicken”, “hans”, “social”, “frozen”, “sort”, “obvious”, “capital!”, “Alice”, “live”]
RandomNumber1 = range(6,576)
RandomNumber2 = range(6,576)
RandomNumber3 = range(6,576)
x = math.sqrt(random.choice(RandomNumber1))
y = math.sqrt(random.choice(RandomNumber2))
z = random.choice(RandomNumber3)

while True:
url = “www.Themostfamoussearchenginestartingwithgendingwithe.com/search?q

Would be nice to have a function to navigate without any Searchengine through the Web.
Randomly visiting Webpages, but only Whitelisted.
So the whole construction of personalized ads of any Company would Decorrelate slowly depends on how much people would use this Script.
(I know this script is just small and not perfect yet)

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