Over eleven days to ship Librem 15?

I got notice on May 1 that my new Librem 15 would ship that day, and the Librem Key also, but separately.

I am very concerned by how long both are taking to arrive-- still no Librem 15, and it’s looking like it will take two weeks (!) to arrive. The Librem key finally was delivered, but oddly, for USPS, on a Sunday, and after the delivery status stated in a complete lie, one day earlier, that the delivery location had been “unavailable.” I was home at the very time they claimed the location was “unavailable.”

Aren’t these delivery times – ten days for USPS, and still no laptop, after eleven days, rather suspicious? It seems to me that were someone interested in intercepting these devices, such slow shipping would provide a perfect cover for mischief. Interested in hearing others’ experiences, and possible explanations. And how on earth could I determine if something were compromised, given both the laptop and the key took ridiculous amounts of time?

Why not ship 2 day air, at a minimum, too? This gives way too much opportunity to Big Brother, given that privacy and security is the whole reason for buying a Purism device!

My general experience with any sort of shipping in the COVID-19 era is that UPS, FedEx, and USPS are all pretty confused and disorganized. I’ve had shipments get sent to random holding facilities for days, I’ve had them try to deliver to the wrong address, and have generally just seen many days added to what would normally be expected.

I would say it is more than likely just an issue with how shipping is affected by COVID-19 rather than anything malicious

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Clearly, that’s the most likely answer, but still, how could I really make sure that nothing was tampered with, given the theoretical possibility of both devices being compromised in a period of approximately two weeks?

If I’d realized the crazy slow shipping speed, I might have not even bothered with a separately shipped key-- I don’t feel reassured at all by the separately shipped key, given these circumstances.

Are both packages really already on the road? Shipping separately doesn’t make a lot of sense if shipped the same day.

Btw, counter example: I ordered an L15 on April 9 and received it within 2 weeks. That’s to Germany, with customs cleared. I was very impressed, but it’s like playing the lottery I guess. I was also waiting for a local package, supposedly express, which took longer…

I agree, it would make much more sense to ship the two on different days.

I’m not sure when they each really shipped (the laptop status page displayed “shipping label generated” for about 3 days before it showed any movement). But I got 2 separete emails from Purism saying that each would ship on the same day (May 1).

I received the key yesterday (a Sunday, when mail is not normally delivered, which is strange). This was after I checked the delivery status one day earlier and saw a false report that the delivery location was “unavailable.” There are so many weird things about all this that it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

You need to specify which country the items are going to.

Purism offers anti-interdiction services for those specifically concerned about what you are saying. For example, you may be able to request the Librem Key to be sent first and then the laptop not sent until you confirm that the Key has arrived - and other such combinations.

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I’m in the US. Normally, stuff would take a week, max, or to get to me.

I couldn’t afford the extra cost for the highest level of security. A shipping option other than Pony Express speed would have been perfect. Like the first reply said, probably just Covid-19 chaos, I know.

*(But even if you are paranoid, that doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.)

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May current experiences with USPS for shipping from the US to Germany/Europe are:

  • 4 weeks (dec. 2019 / jan 2020 = christmas season)
  • currently waiting for another package for 5 weeks now (still in the US according to USPS tracking) - COVID-19 may be the problem
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