Overtorqued Screws

When trying to unscrew the back of my laptop, a Librem v13v3 with an M2.SSD, there are a large number of screws which are overtorqued. That is when trying to unscrew them I make no progress and I worry about stripping the screws.

I e-mailed tech-support some time ago, but received nothing in return.

Any suggestions on how to get these screws unscrewed?

I have the same machine and same goal. Only 1 or 2 were really tight. Having the right size screwdriver is key. I managed to get mine out without stripping them but it was fairly nerve racking.
Good Luck.

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Yeah I faced the same issue on my Librem 13v3, also with an M2 SSD. I got them off using a larger than usually-required screwdriver head (the small ones won’t get it done), and pressing down with full force as I turned the screwdriver. That worked to get them all off.


Thank you for your suggestions!

The screws all have a bit of threadlocker on them, so the first time you undo them it’ll be a little difficult. You should always use a screwdriver that fits, not a bigger or smaller one–bigger or smaller is irrelevant to your ability to apply maximum torque without stripping the head, it must fit!

If you have already stripped a screw head, or partially stripped one, you can use some sort of abrasive paste to give you a little extra grip (something like a rough polishing compound, toothpaste, maybe baking soda with a tiny bit of water).

I know having phillips head screws is thought by some to send a signal that the manufacturer supports users being involved with their hardware, etc–but I think it’s a poor choice for a fastener that size. Maybe use torx and include a $0.20 driver with the $1500.00 computer?

Also, please include a few extra screws–they’re small, easy to lose, and hard to find :slight_smile:

Also, the holes the screws go through in the aluminum back piece on the 15v3 are too big. I’ve had at least one screw head pull entirely through.

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