Package request


where do I have to submit a request for a software package to be added to PureOS’ repository?

The software I suggest adding:

It’s the “Linux Studio Plugins” for audio production. The LSP Project recently announced their code now being licensed under GNU LGPL v3. So they are compatible with the concept of free software within PureOS’ ecosystem.

I beg you to add the package. The plugins are high quality & easy to use.

Thank you in advance:)


To add software to PureOS, you want to first add it to Debian as Pure OS is a Debian derivative.
Usually to add software to Debian you should contact the developers of the software.

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Ok, I see. But I already contacted the developers of the plugins, they said I should consult the maintainers of the distro. But then I’ll ask the ones at Debian to add the package. I hope they will integrate it:)
Thanks, bro :+1: