Passive cooling on the Librem 11

I’ve been kind of curious as to how effective the passive cooling will be on the librem 11… Will there be throttling due to this design choice? On tablets such as the surface pro 3 and 4 which have fans in them, i’ve seen people use external fans to get from 12-14 tdp to 20, and therefor get greater clockspeeds and around 5-12 extra FPS in games and other media. Also, is it a set priority to have a physical trackpad instead of a multi-touch one? (I much prefer physical to multi-touch buttons, hence my reasoning for even really wanting this device over the librem 13.)

Down in the Performance section for the CPU to be used, it is listed at a max of 6 watts TDP and an average of around 4. Throttling should not be an issue (I think?). It should definitely ruin anyone’s plans to use the Librem 11 as a hot plate for any outdoor cooking.

I too prefer physical over multitouch trackpads. I always seem to inadvertently click something otherwise.