Passive cooling (quiet) mode for Librem laptops

Sometimes i want to full quiet and i can sacrifice some performance for this. How can i limit performance? I have only “powersave” and “performance” governors (4.9 kernel, Librem 15v3) and can’t limit cpu frequency manually. New kernels have this feature? Can i just limit CPU usage systemwide?

I know about “cpulimit”, but if you limit CPU usage of 3D game with it, you easily can notice frame drops. I mean 60 fps for 300 millisecond and 200 milliseconds of freezing.

P.S. On low load this laptop stay totally quiet with 32-43 °C temperature. Thanks for this feature.

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I’m not sure that throttling the CPU will be effective in preventing the fan. This design utilizes a fan for cooling and as such eventually enough heat is going to build up that the fans use is necessary. I think the only thing you might gain with throttling is a delay in the time this occurs and the frequency.

With great power comes heat. Hahaha :smile:

Package linux-cpupower provide sudo cpupower frequency-set --max 1000000 command. This is exactly what I was looking for. Other instruments didn’t allow me to change the frequency, but maybe I didn’t try everything.

By the way, no one has in mind an analogue of Intel XTU? It allows you to change the power limit and adjust Turbo Boost in real time, but it only for Windows.

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Get CpuFreq

Make sure to uninstall IrqBalance before you do (sudo apt-get remove irqbalance) it’s not needed for laptops but come pre-installed on PureOS for some reason.

This tool just GUI for existing tools, and it Gnome only. But thanks, this tool may be useful for Gnome users.

Look what i found.

This tool allow to set temperature limit and change voltage in realtime.

This tool allow to disable some kinds of throttling, but i can’t launch it for unknown reason. Maybe because i using Debian oldstable.