Password before shipping


Is it possible to setup a password on the phone, before shipping.
So custom cant install things on the it, just an a extra security


Possible? Maybe. Email the support team, have them create a password, then send that password to you through a secondary channel (email, current phone), and then reset it after unlocking the phone. The support team may have procedures/policies that prevent this though.

The better option, in my opinion, would be download PureOS, create a bootable USB-C flash drive, and reinstall the OS after you get the phone.

Although, if your threat model involves Customs being a bad actor, who will have physical access to the device, gonna be hard to be totally sure. Reinstalling the OS would be what I would suggest.


The odds of the customs going through all electronic imports and installing some kind of the malware are 1:10000000000000000
They already have plethora of issues getting in the way of efficient handling.
This can only happen, if this specific individual is already being on a watchlist and happens to have a device shipped at his address or with his name on it.
Hard to imagine any other scenario.


Unfortunately that would be a bit time intensive. If you’re afraid they installed some malicious software in the OS you can always just reinstall PureOS.


Some manufacturers are shipping boxes sealed with short tapes around the corners, making it hard to be tempered with.
You guys can consider something like that and maybe charge extra for those requests. Make a nice hologram sticker and all :slight_smile:


We are considering options. One of them further down the line will be a solution similar to Pureboot for the Librem 5.

But reinstalling the operating system certainly also an option.

What proprietary phone(s) most closely comapares w/ Librem 5?

Nah, customs won’t have the expertise. They’ll hand it off to another agency. (Humor.)


Oh lookie, another problem:


@purple well you could just open up the back yourself and see the difference in the pictures Purism has posted on here. If there is some component added, just remove it. ??


now i want a microscopic-eyesight for Christmas … lots of carrots and beautifull women should do the trick …


That is another option we are considering yes. :slight_smile:


You may make a photo of the received hw piece and use smth like hugin to highlight the differences between photos.