Password manager for Librem 5 as of October 2019?

I have 1Password password manager on my iphone now and am in line to receive a Librem 5. I am slowing migrating my passwords manually over to KeePassX ( on a Librem laptop) but I am wary to totally transfer all the passwords until I know if my new database will be usable for the Librem 5’s password manager. Do you think having the .kdbx database already to go will be helpful or should I wait until the phone is in my hands and see what kind of password manager I am able to get on to the phone? I am new to GNU/Linux and I am having a hard time acertaining what the common FOSS pasword managers are. Does anyone know if there is a preinstalled password manager on the L5 or what a potential password manager might be that I could install?

Password Safe should work.

Not sure if it will be pre-installed, but I’m currently using it on my laptop, and it will be available on the phone. It doesn’t support auto-filling username/password info on webpages and such, but as far as just storing passwords, it works well.


Take a look at the web app KeeWeb.

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I will have a look- thank you so much!