Password workaround

When I open a browser, other than the pure browser, the system asks for a password. Then I usually input that password. Once I changed my mind and decided I wanted to get out of there, so I just hit the “Enter” key several times. This jstopped the request for my password and the call for password disappeared without it being answered by the password being entered but I still got to use the other browser as if I had entered the password. This, for me, is supposed to be a no-no as far as security is concerned. The system should just keep the request for password input to keep repeating until the correct password is actually input correctly and the password request should not disappear until that is fulfilled. So that several hits on the enter button should not take the place of the proper input of the password. Because this did happen, I have tried this several times on purpose, just to see if it would happen again. It does. A no, no in terms of security, for sure. This means a glitch in the system code, which seems to be just consist of a repetition of several “Enter” key ins. What is going on to allow this seeming illegal work around?