Paying by cash, at conferences?

Is there a way to pay by cash/money order or some anonymous in-store purchase?

If not then I assume you keep order records tied to serial numbers like every company does?

Although I would love to purchase a Librem I usually buy used laptops with cash from used computer stores without providing a name. If government does get into your computer either remotely or physically and just grabs the serial number then there goes your anonymity if you paid with credit card.

You can buy bitcoin anonymously with cash and use that to make a crowdsupply purchase.

They have been a few things I saw indicating Purism had been going to conventions / conferences / tech shows and selling out of what systems they brought along. Can anyone provide list of upcoming events where Purism will have a booth?

I can’t be certain this is true because I’m still waiting on my Librem 15 and that kind of business model seems backward.

Even if we pay with bitcoins, purism (and customs) will know our name and shipping address.
If we give a fake name or shipping address, the laptop will never arrive!

A list of places where we can buy the laptops and tablets for cash or crypto currencies would be a good idea though.