Payments in EUR via SEPA possible?

As this might be of interest to other EU people I decided to ask this on the forums instead of writing an email.

You wrote on the Librem 5 page that you partnered with a German reseller for shipping. Do you allow paying through them via SEPA transfer? This would significantly reduce bank fees (to zero) for me.


This would be nice indeed. Would save the exchange fees, and could (depending on the exact conditions) eliminate the risk of a bad exchange rate at the point of charging.


this is also keeping me from backing as if not my bank is charging me a lot of money to pay in a foreign currency / country. Via Sepa I would get this for free.

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Same for me, Librem 5 it’s quite expensive and I don’t want to pay an extra in fees.

At least give us a properly formed IBAN Number in addition.
My bank won’t do international transfers with american sorting number and account alone
Funding the campaign without credit card and paypal would be in your own interest.

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maybe use

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Do you know the procedure to pay via Transferwise?

Transferwise ask me for company name, adress… and I don’t know if it’s required.

I haven’t yet used it myself but I have lots of positive feedback from family who used it

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Thank you, I used it for send money but never to a company and I’m not sure what I need to do I get in touch with Purism by mail, I’m writing here their answer whenever I can.

Transferwise is used to transfer money from ur bank to purism’s bank without any bank charges.

Just ask Purism for their bank account details and make a transfer via transferwise. You should get a confirmation from transferwise which you can send Purism to trace the transaction in their bank account.

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I live in India and payments from here are tricky because Indian Rupees are not readily exchanged. For example I cannot use transferwise to make payments abroad, it only works for payments into an Indian bank account.

However, PayPal worked just fine. I could make a payment to Purism’s paypal account, so maybe you can try that option if you are not comfortable with transferwise, but the the charges will be higher with PayPal.


They provide me the information by mail, it’s so easy with Transferwise and it’s the cheaper way for me too, thank you for your answers.


I tried WesternUnion, but apparently you can’t transfer money through them from a German bank account (only credit card or cash), and they also want the recipient’s phone number, another info I don’t have.
Then I gave TransferWise a chance, as suggested previously in this thread. They quickly confirmed having received my money, and a few days later I also got the confirmation from Purism.

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