PCB hardware changes regarding transition Aspen and Birch

Could you please state some details regarding the state of hardware and pcb for Aspen and Birch. I am especially interested in the pcb state, what are the optimisations? Are there any improvements regarding heat/energy consumption? Or are the changes of the pcb targeting manufacturing and cost optimisation?

Also where can I find the schematics? I have been scanning through the repos but did not find it, perhaps that would answer my questions.

I would greatly appreciate some details in order to understand the hardware of Aspen and Birch. Thank you again and congratulations - very excited about the Librem Phone!


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I had almost the same question - I emailed Purism Support & in summary:

  1. There should not be any difference between the pcb of Birch versus subsequent batches.
  2. Not 100%, but it is very likely that the pcb of Aspen to Birch will also be unchanged.

Does not seem that currently there are any pcb changes required.


They haven’t yet posted the schematics for the PCB.

If you install KiCAD 5, you can look at the schematics for the Dev Kit:

Here are some screenshots that I took of the Dev Kit in KiCAD

The 3D viewer in KiCAD is pretty cool.

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There are no planned changes, but they might discover something and need to change the PCB. Aspen and Birch are basically prototypes for testing. I would love to get a prototype, but some people want a finished product and are better off waiting.

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