pCloud (Lifetime Cloud Storage) for Librem 5!

pCloud seems to offer what many others may not.

Currently offers Linux Appimage for Desktop.
They offer Lifetime Storage

End to End encryption too

pCloud offers SDKs for third-party clients

Does anyone think this is a good idea?

Probably good enough to hold you over until Purism offers their own cloud (as hinted at by their partnership with Nextcloud)

Haven’t seen a formal post/update recently, but we should have more news on this front in the coming months.

Unless Nextcloud is going to host servers for users, I probably won’t get it. I have no desire to host my own cloud server. I think user should have options. This is one I would prefer permanently, hence the mention of lifetime storage. :slight_smile:

Well, you already can sign up with various hosting providers with Nextcloud. You don’t have to host it yourself.

Secondly, Purism will offer hosting as part of their services bundle (of this I am 99% sure). Purism wants to make it easy so you don’t have to host it yourself if you don’t want to

  1. what type of servers are they running ? is it hardware and software RYF certified ?
  2. do they provide transparency and proof that data is not compromised in transit or that once data reaches their servers it is not beeing copied or tampered in any way shape or form ?
  3. do they keep logs of ip connections and for how long ?
  4. do they provide a similar command line utility such as MEGAcmd ?
  5. do they have at least two backup sites other than the primary one ?
  6. do they provide immediate notice to the user of when and by whom data is beeing requested for audit by outside individuals/entities ?

You’re probably going to have to wait until they formally start offering the service before any of those questions can be answered with more than speculation.

I do not understand why I should use another application when nextcloud is easy to install on a pc and on the network there are many tutorials that explain how to do it. Is there something I do not understand?

Self hosting is not so easy, and in some ways quite dangerous: you will have to manage backups, updates, security, etc. That’s out of the knowledge zone for 99.9999% of users.

So in most cases, it’s actually better to rely on someone who can provide that for many users. Now, that can be a nextcloud instance :slight_smile:

@antpanlinux For those people who want Nextcloud and are willing to either set up their own servers or subscribe to the future Purism/Nextcloud service. Then great. I salute and support those who would prefer that service. However… I have no desire to setup my own server and I do not want to pay an ongoing subscription. Hense pCloud… AND Lifetime cloud storage for a ONE-TIME payment. THAT is an option that I, and I am sure, others…are interested in in such an option. Now. If Nextcloud can match or beat that. I am all ears. Til then… pCloud is the option I would like and want others to be aware of. I think it’s a worthy cloud option for the Librem 5. In the end I would think people, who are all about freedom, would like diverse choices, not stuck with just the one.

that’s a very good question. i ask myself that all the time and i find that really what i should be focusing on asking is what exactly it is i don’t understand and where to look for clues. security/privacy is a vast domain and it is allways a good idea to have a good understanding of the CIA triad in information security. that’s where it all starts. if it ain’t FOSS it ain’t pretty.