Performance throttling on battery

While running Qubes, having the charger plugged in gives me the performance I expect from my Librem.
When the charger is disconnected the difference is noticeable, and playing videos in 720p and above becomes impossible due to the choppiness.

I installed TLP and set everything to AC configs, and I think it helped a little, but it’s still not the same as when on AC power.

How can I push my Librem to the max?

I could look into this, but there should be some way of configuring the same behavior on battery as on AC, without resorting to third-party packages.

Sorry, but you need third-party packages to fix your problem. No way to fix it without third-party packages, except if coreboot update can fix it.

msr-tools probably already installed on your system. Anyway, this is basic package, you could find it in your repository. But for unlocking power limit, you need devmem2 too. undervolt is optional, if you want to set custom thermal limit, and you need it only for generate msr register value.

Also, check this article. It about throttling on battery.