Petitions to AMD for open-sourcing the AMD PSP code + working with Coreboot / Libreboot

Figured this was possibly relevant to Purism, so thought I’d make a discussion about it. I remembered coming across it a week ago.


Just figured I’d put it out there in case you didn’t hear of it yet.


Reviving old topic,
While I am all for it, here is a pessimist update, sticking to reddit-based content :slight_smile:

I think the problem there was that people made the wrong request - for their existing PSP code to be freed. I imagine that a lot of their non-disclosure agreements are intended for the embedded DRM stuff which is most likely the first thing that people like us would scrap when getting our hands on it and as such would be a pointless request anyway.

A better request would be for AMD to release some kind of API (poke register X with Y to do Z), a list of what the system needs in order to function (check that the RAM works properly, set up the IOMMU, etc.) and the ability for the user to build and use our own firmware images. None of their proprietary code, nothing which they’ve licensed, perhaps not even a reference implementation - just the documentation on how to make it work. That perhaps has a higher chance of succeeding.