Phoc Compositor

The latest post talks about a compositor called “Phoc”. I was wondering if we can find any more details about it as well as the source code somewhere ?

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In general, Purism has much of their code available at

However, I don’t actually see phoc there, though I do see the rootston and phosh projects. Maybe some existing work is just going to change names, but I’m not sure.

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I admit I was certain this must be a misspelling, and I didn’t notice it in the progress update before.
But it is clearly mentioned. Actually, the name makes sense.
PhoSh, the phone shell, is accompanied by PhoC, the phone compositor.


It makes sense to switch away from Rootston eventually as, quote from Rootston Readme :

it does not have particularly clean code and is not particularly well designed.

I guess they eventually put it on . Would be cool to have a blog post about why rootston is not appropriate, the wayland protocols they use, the private protocols they added specifically for Posh, the design of Phoc, etc.

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@geges Rootston is ugly because it tries to be as minimal as it can even if that means adding flaws because it’s meant as a small example compositor for developers to get started with. Starting out with rootston and modifying a lot as time passes is a fine decision.

I do wonder though if they will still base it on wlroots, as that is certainly not badly designed.

I’m sure they’ll use wlroots, it’s the only serious option if you want to build a new compositor today on Wayland

Yes, unless they are writing a compositor from scratch.