Phone calls not working correctly

When trying to make a phone call the person i’m calling gets a bunch of white noise and can barely or not at all understand what i say.
I also not perfectly understand the person i’m calling from time to time.

I researched and it seems that this is a known problem.
I tried installing pavucontrol, muting the front left microphone and dialing back the front right microphone to like 75% (also tried other values)
but it also does not really help all that much. (It also appears to me like the system is overriding my changes again, not 100% sure)

Is there a working fix currently? (The threads i found are all somewhat older, not from the last couple months)
I’m REALLY disappointed and SHOCKED my 2 grand librem 5 isn’t able to do the most basic task for a phone: phone calls.

Is this a regression? i.e. this most basic of tasks was working correctly on your phone at some time in the past? Or phone calls have never worked on your phone?

This is a hardware issue with the microphone on your unit, please contact support to arrange a replacement.


It was the first time i tried to make a call / calls.

So on your librem 5 making calls works just as good as on an iphone for example?
For both you and the guy on the other end?

So you’re sure its a hardware defect? If so yes i will contact purism.

I’m just asking because i found a bunch of somewhat older threads where people also had problems with making calls.

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I don’t use VoLTE so my calls sound like regular 3G calls, but everyone can understand me just fine and there sure is no “bunch of white noise”. I know that a small number of recent L5USAs could have issues with their microphones, so if it’s a L5USA then please contact support and you’ll get this fixed.


Yes its a recent L5USA so i will contact the support, thanks.

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