Phone & computer sync

Is there an app like deja office / companionlink desktop available that syncs/backs up the Librem5 to the Librem 15?

You can use Jumpdrive (on the Librem 5) to expose the eMMC drive of the Librem 5 as a USB device on a USB-connected desktop / laptop computer - and then use whatever backup program on the desktop / laptop works for you.

You can install and enable the SSH server on the Librem 5 and use rsync on a desktop / laptop (to sync via your local network).

It depends on what you want to backup and/or how comprehensive you want the backup to be.

See also any topic about “transfer files” / “transferring files”.

These options won’t be good if you want to do something like sync your contacts.

when i have librem5( now I hope soon having bought it on 9 October 2017) i will use nextcloud.

You could use lftp over sftp (ssh):

On Librem5:
lftp -e “mirror -R /full_path_on_librem5 rel_path_on_librem15; exit” sftp://login@librem15_fqdn/mirror/

Or on librem15:
lftp -e “mirror /full_path_on_librem5 rel_path_on_librem15; exit” sftp://login@librem5_fqdn/mirror/

/etc/sshd/sshd_config snippet for chroot sftp:
Match User *
ChrootDirectory /full/path/
ForceCommand internal-sftp -u 0066

Thank you for the reply. I love the complicated (for newbe me) / simplicity (for you pros) of Linux and my librem15 laptop. When smartphones were making their debut in the 2000’s I bought a proprietary digital assistant program from companionlink. This program was installed on a desktop computer. The deja office android app (digital assistant for the phone) was downloaded and installed on the phone. It included calendar, memos, contacts, tasks, and other sub applications that allows me to bypass google and cloud servers by syncing the above data to a desktop computer (not hooked up to the internet) via usb cable. Unfortunately, companionlink does not have linux compatible software, so when I buy the linux phone, a new way of carrying my office with me will be needed. I’ll have to keep learning by trying the solution you presented.

I hope you enjoy your new phone. It will be a while before I can order one. Just knowing google will not have access to our info should bring piece of mind.