Phone declines to update, what to do?

In the PureOS store, my Librem 5 Evergreen tells me to update, and does a brief download. Then it says “requires restart” below which is a blue button labeled “Restart & Update”. Touching that button, or pressing it hard, or sliding around on it, does nothing. When I manually restart, the update hasn’t been applied so the issue remains.
(1) What am I doing wrong?
(2) What is the command(s) I could use to get the update done?

That button oddly requires a double-tap at the moment.

I’ve almost always used apt update and upgrade since my software app always shows too wide for the update button to fit on the screen

As a @amarok is saying, there is a bug on the Store under amber, for now just press many time the button until get restart & upgrading, on Byzantium this bug is already fixed looks like.

I neglected to say that I had tried tapping multiple times in various rhythms. Sometimes the button moves up off the screen, showing me a list of things that it should update, but nothing I’ve tried actually updates and restarts.
How much trouble would I get in by doing

sudo apt-get update


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That command is fine. First do sudo apt update, then if any package updates are found, do sudo apt upgrade.

Or you can do it this way:
sudo apt update && apt list --upgradable
That will check for updates AND list which packages it found to update, if you want to see the list before actually upgrading.
After that, you can upgrade them.

Edit: Either apt-get or apt is acceptable in the terminal.


Those commands won’t update any flatpaks you’ve installed (assuming you have the Flathub repository installed in addition to the PureOS-amber repo). But you can perform a flatpak update to update the installed flatpaks.

(Although, my flatpaks have been updating themselves, which is also fine.)

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For interest:

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That worked, thanks. I haven’t installed anything, except Libre Office, so

flatpak update
said “nothing to do”

Hopefully this update has solved the problem, but if not I know what to do.

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