Phone dies in the middle of calls

Recently my phone has started rebooting itself during calls. Every time this happens the APN settings are also deleted and have to be reconfigured.

This is a regression. Phone calls were working fine until a week ago or so, but since then it reboots basically every call.

This of course renders the phone less than entirely useful.

Has anyone experienced something similar? Any suggestions for possible solutions?

You might want to look at the system log from the previous boot to investigate why the phone is rebooting.
sudo sudo journalctl -b -1

Go to the end of the log and it should tell you why it rebooted.

If you only want to see kernel messages:
sudo sudo journalctl -b -1 -k

If you want to see the log from two or three boots back:
sudo sudo journalctl -b -2
sudo sudo journalctl -b -3


The last log message before reboot is

Sep 03 10:55:32 pureos pulseaudio[60263]: Playback too far ahead (7446), drop source 1428

The last kernel message is

Sep 03 10:54:47 pureos kernel: edt_ft5x06 2-0038: Unable to fetch data, error: -6

Neither of which tell me much.

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edt_ft5x06 is the touch controller for the Focaltech FT8006P display controller in the Mantix display, so there may be a problem with that driver or maybe something earlier in the log indicates a problem that then interfers with the touch controller.

You might want to post a bug report about it at and attach your dmesg log and see if the Purism developers can determine what is the problem.

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