Phone discount: $150?

A friend of mine told me about this phone and also told me that it now costs just $150 for programmers, which is much less than $699. Is this true?

Most likely your friend is confusing this with the PinePhone which has developer prototypes available for $150.


HA HA whaatt??!
I don’t think that’s even legal. At least here in Canada it wouldn’t be.
//edit: Looked into it because it caught my interest.
It’s not illegal in California to discriminate based on profession. So like, I guess a restaurant could make an offering of “full menu available after hours to firefighters only” or whatever. Here limited sale is just for established relationships or restricted products (invite to a trunk sale for valued customers, only professional landscapers can buy certain pesticides, etc. etc.) so yeah, that just struck me as questionable…but it’s not and totally legal in California.

“Just imagine the silence in the world, if people talked only what they knew.”
Karel Čapek, Chech writer.


Tee hee, I see what you did there…It’s funny because that’s not how you spell Czech :wink:

I don’t know Czech, but I can’t say it better than Karel Čapek :grinning:


Čapek gave the world the word “robot” and he still doesn’t get a Librem 5 for $150. :slight_smile:


That may be because he is dead (1938) :-). Very well said indeed (I feel quite guilty).