Phone Hardware.

I’m glad I decided to support the Librem 5 and I follow the development very closely.
Since I watch a lot of videos on the smartphone, it is now very important to me that it has stereo front speakers (like my current Nexus 6p).
Is it possible that the Librem 5 also gets stereo front speakers?

Hm… is that more than just a marketing gag? I mean, are you sure you could tell the difference?

I mean, if you really care about quality, you’d use at least headphones or real speakers. You know, like with bass and treble and all those good vibrations in between :sunglasses: .

I’d rather have an excellent mono speaker than two mediocre stereo speakers (yes, of course you implied you wanted the best ones available :wink: ) and 10% less battery life.

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Why marketing gag? Have you ever had a phone with stereo front speakers? The difference is enormous. It is much less exhausting to record a video. It’s not about listening to music. Meanwhile, it is the most important feature of a phone for me. And it would be great if the librem5 had that too. So I ask how the odds are …

hey @be_root, nice nickname :wink:

IMHO privacy will always come with a huge cost, mostly convenience wise where convenience will be put in less priority. Battery life for example, would have much more priority as @Caliga said. With an Android/iOS phone you have everything else, except privacy so… IDK but I for myself have already chose what I want based on my priority list so I don’t expect much from the Librem 5, at least not from the first version.


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There you are completely right and I expect no miracles. But as long as the hardware is not final, you can still express your wishes. And probably the developers says: stereo front speaker? why not! :star_struck:

lol, yes, i do. Cannot tell the difference. Although I can most of the times tell the difference between mp3 and flac in my headphones. When I want my friends/family to hear music with me I’m just turning on my small portable stereo bluetooth speaker.

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I am not sure if some of them are just ideas to settle, or just can not read. I said that I see a lot of videos. Documentaries on YouTube. It makes a huge difference, whether it’s a stereo front speaker or a low speaker that is directed to the side. The speech comes across vaguely. I also mentioned that I do not care about music. My apeal to the hardware designer is therefore please obstruct front stereo speakers. That’s not so hard to understand.

Hi @be_root,

You are very welcome for expressing your thoughts and propositions. People like @anon10067017 provide intuitive arguments as to why the Librem 5 probably will not feature these speakers, and I agree with them. The phone is already developped on a tight budget. Purism simply cannot afford to develop fancy features :slight_smile:

Keep also in mind this is mostly a community forum. Sometimes Purism staff gives it an eye, but they are mostly focused on actually developping the phone. The people you will meet here have different viewpoints and can disagree with your requests too :wink: