Phone protector case for Librem 5

I just want something that helps protect the screen from breaking if the phone slips out of my hand. Purism should be offering a case. This seems like a serious oversight to me as 3rd parties probably won’t bother with the L5.


there will be a protective film on the Librem 5 screen when we ship them. As for protective cases, it is in out To Do list, but at this moment we are focused in shipping the Librem 5 first.


Not really an oversight. It has been discussed in this forum on and off for a couple of years. q.v.

Because this will be a relatively bulky phone, you may want to have the phone first before deciding on the case, given that a case will make the combination even bigger.

Likewise, you can’t even think about making a case until you have the final definite dimensions and it is only now that Purism is at Evergreen (mass production batch) that the final dimensions are known.

Until an actual case designed for the Librem 5 is available, you could use something like this.


you can also make yourself one out of thin paracord if you’re handy with that sort of thing …

Unfortunately, the maximum thickness for that case is 12mm, but the Librem 5 is 15.5mm thick. Maybe a leather folding case will work:

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I added some more info to the FAQ about cases:


I wish… I love smart sleeve!!! They do emf protection in cool wallets!!!

Well for me this will be most expensive phone I’ve ever bought and a case is HUGELY important in such an investment.

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There is a 3D-printed case by @hackersgame available at

I’m going to try printing it when my phone shows up, I’ll share the results here. It isn’t a super-protective case, but something is better than nothing.


That 3D model is still being tested and tuned. But yes, it is part of our work to make 3D printable cases


That is very good news. getting a case for my forthcoming L5 will be great! Thx Joao

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I take it the model with just be available for consumers to use, or is Purism actually planning on delivering cases with the mass production units(and presumably to previous evergreen owners).

Please please Purism start selling soft case protector in your store to Librem 5 and take my money. :thinking:
@todd-weaver @mladen


Purism do you want my money? if yes hurry up to sell premium protector case to Librem 5.
A protector case it is the only i need to run as daily driver my Evergreen phone. :smiley:


My shoemaker :mans_shoe: is tailoring one.

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Yeah i want to do the same.

I bought this one


I got a silicon protection for my old Moto G6. It is only for the back but protruding half a millimeter over the screen. It is astonishingly efficient in protecting the phone and fairly thin. The siz of the Moto G6 is almost the same as Librem 5 but it is thinner. But I would like to have the same kind of silicon back cover for Librem 5.

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